CMI produces BIG results

Our firm of professionals is dedicated to delivering big results. At CMI, we have skilled knowledgeable agents, who are highly motivated to obtain the very best site. We are a results-oriented company that will always keep the client’s goals and deadlines as our top priority.

Market Analysis: CMI provides a detailed market analysis of the targeted area or specific site location. This includes a complete inventory of existing structure within the area, and detailed information regarding each structure. Our analysis will help identify existing sites that meet your objectives, and will allow you to maximize on any potential collocation opportunities to suit your needs.

Site Acquisition: After selecting a site, CMI will provide a detailed site report, negotiate the leasing terms, and coordinate all third-party services. This includes surveys, NEPAs, Phase 1s, Geotechs, site walks, A&E drawings, etc.

Zoning and Permitting: Because we work extensively in the southeast, CMI agents have obtained a comprehensive knowledge base regarding zoning regulations and ordinances, leading CMI to a near perfect zoning success rate.

Let Our Experience Work For Your Satisfaction

CMI owners/field agents Chad Mullen and Todd Jenkins, along with CMI team of field agents, have completed thousands of sites in Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Georgia and in every county in Mississippi.

With more than 40 years of continued experience, CMI takes great pride in representing your company. Our speed, quality and attention to detail has made us a trusted partner in the site acquisition industry, and we vow to out-perform any of our completion.